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Before Prop Optimizer

After Prop Optimizer



  • Eliminates marine growth
  • Totally Green Product — absolutely no dangerous chemical Biocides used
  • Improves performance and fuel efficiency Helps reduce drag and resistance
  • Lasts multiple seasons depending on location, in both fresh and salt water
  • Works with all types of propellers – Stainless Steel, Bronze, Nibral, etc.
  • Not impacted by galvanic corrosion — unlike competitive products
  • Does not need to be removed to re-apply
  • Hard coating — 9H in hardness on Mohs Scale of Hardness
  • Can be applied to all running gear, underwater lights, lenses and thru-hull fittings

What is Prop Optimizer

Prop Optimizer does not use any silicon or wax based products. What it does use is Smart Surface Technology leveraging a Nano Crystal coating, which at the molecular level, has the abilityto fill all the microscopic nicks, scratches, and grooves in your propeller. Once applied, the coating is 9H in hardness on the Mohs Scale of Hardness (a diamond being 10H) providing a glass-like finish. This equates to a smooth surface coating that barnacles and other marine organisms cannot attach themselves too, keeping your propeller and shafts clean and free of marine growth.


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